About Us

Owners: Michael Spieker, Brenda Spieker and Tom Weaver

This whole business started because Mike could not find color combinations of lead heads and grubs he wanted in tackle shops. So, 20 years ago he started buying the 2-color eye, 1/32 oz. lead heads in assorted colors aas well as a few 1” grubs.

As the years went by and others fished with him, they saw him using his custom jigs and putting more fish in the boat than they did. Sure enough, they wanted to buy the jigs he was using. When people kept asking him to put together and sell these fish-catching jigs, he and his wife, Brenda, decided give them what they wanted.

After Mike and Brenda had been selling the jigs for several years, Tom told them if they’d put together some cards, he would try to sell them to a few local bait shops.

Tom’s first stop, Pop’s Bait & Tackle in Edinburgh, IN, bought every card he had. Pop’s also wanted other combinations and a 1/16 oz. size. Thanks to Pop’s Bait & Tackle, Nothead Tackle officially got its start.

The two eventually added spinners, feather and hair jigs, and all the other fine products you see on this site. When customers asked for it, they tried to make it happen. This year they also acquired Stillhouse Tackle, the Tony Bean line of jigs.

Nothead Tackle is focused on helping the average person who enjoys pan fishing so they can catch more fish. They strive to provide their customers with the ultimate advantage in tackle.